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Python Fullstack

Python Basics
Python List
Logic and flow control
Sequence List and Tuples
Files and Exception
Object Oriented Approach using Python
Regular Expression
Function and Packages
API development using Python

Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization
SciKit Learn
TensorFlow and Keras


Basic Tags And Attributes
Div And Span Tags
HTML Styles
HTML Tables
HTML Frames
HTML Forms

Limitations of HTML 4
Character Encoding:

< article >
< aside >
< details >
< figcaption >
< figure >
< footer >
< header >
< main >
< mark >
< nav >
< section >
< summary >
< time >

< acronym >
< applet >
< basefont >
< big >
< center >
< dir >
< font >
< frame >
< frameset >
< isindex >
< noframes >
< s >
< strike >
< tt >
< u >
< xmp >

What is HTML Canvas?
Canvas Coordinates
Canvas – Text
Canvas – Paths
Canvas – Gradients
Canvas – Images
Importing External Images & Setting the background
Working with Colors & Geometrical transformations
Easing Animations in Canvas
Pixel manipulation with canvas
clip() Method
Canvas Examples

What is SVG?
SVG text
SVG Paths
HTML5 Video And Audio Tags

HTML Drag and Drop API
HTML Geolocation API
HTML Web Storage API
HTML Web Workers API

E-mail address field
Search field
Phone number field
URL field
range field
tel field
Numeric field
Slider controls
Date and time pickers
Color picker control

HTML5 form attributes

MathML Examples
Matrix Presentation


Box model
CSS Syntax, Selectors
CSS Properties

Transition-timing-function@keyframes Rule
Animation Properties
calc() Function
CSS content Property

Adjacent Sibling Selector
Attribute Selector
nth-of-type Selector
Direct Child Selector
General Sibling Selector
Element Selector
ID Selector
Class Selector
Star Selector
Descendant Selector

Linear Gradients
Radial Gradients

@font-face Rule
Different Font Formats
CSS Font Descriptors

Media Types
Media Features



CSS 3D Transforms Methods
CSS Transform Properties
CSS 3D Transform Methods

Navigation Bar
Unequal Columns

Bootstrap Basics

Bootstrap Buttons
Bootstrap Forms
Bootstrap Navbars
Bootstrap Grid System
Bootstrap images
Bootstrap Tables
Bootstrap - Jumbotron
Bootstrap - Button Groups

Javascript Syllabus:

JavaScript Output
JavaScript Statements
JavaScript Syntax
JavaScript Variables
JavaScript Operators
Control Statements
Conditional Statements


Function Invocation
return statement
Local Variables
Object Methods
this Keyword

Creating an Array
New keyword
Properties and Methods
Looping through elements
Array Methods
Array Sorting

Form Validation
HTML Form Validation
Data Validation
Constraint Validation
Validation API

Document Object Model
DOM Methods
DOM Document
Changing CSS
DOM Events
DOM Navigation

PostgreSQL Syllabus

Key Features
Installing PostgreSQL
Data Types
Operators Expressions

Create database
Select database
Drop database
Create Table
Drop Table
Inserting queries
Update queries
Delete queries


PostgreSQL built-in functions
Creating Views
Dropping Views

Vue JS Syllabus

Watch Property

Binding HTML Classes

Binding Inline Styles
Form Input Bindings
Click Event
Event Modifiers
Event - Key Modifiers
Custom Events

Conditional Rendering
List Rendering
Creating a custom directive
Passing value to directive

Django Syllabus

What is a web framework?
MVT design pattern
Importance of Django framework
Creating and running a Django project
Creating multiple applications
Defining URL patterns inside an application

Creating a template based application
Defining template tags
Application to display employee information
Inserting static files
Developing a blog application using static files

Configuring the database with sqlite3
Configuring the database with mysql
Configuring the database with mongodb
Importance make migrations and migrate
Creating a Bank database
Creating a Student database
Module -4: Django Forms
Difference between HTML forms and Django forms
Form handling process
Form fields and validation
Model Forms
Implementing custom validators
Template inheritance and template filters
Creating a course
registration form
Creating an employee information form

Creating views at class level
Creating a template file for ListView
Developing an online movie booking application
Developing an employee profile application
Developing a customer database application

Setting up of Django Rest framework
Rest Framework views,Creating custom action PUT,POST,PATCH,DELETE methods
Working with Serializers classes
JWT Authentication
Handling relationships Consuming third party API

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Python may be a high-level, general-purpose and a really popular programming language. Python programming language is getting utilized in web development, Machine Learning applications, in conjunction with all cutting-edge technology in software industry. Python is a popular programming language. It was created by Guido van Rossum, and released in 1991. It is utilized in web development, data science, creating software prototypes, and so on. Fortunately for beginners, Python has simple easy-to-use syntax. Python is one among the high-level, interpreted and general-purpose programming languages that's easy to use, comprehensive and powerful. Python may be a widely used dynamic programming language compared to other languages like Java, Perl, PHP, and Ruby. It is often termed as a scripting language. It provides support for automatic memory management, multiple programming paradigms, and implements the essential concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP). Python programming language is supported with an enormous and broad standard library. The library of Python provides support for several Internet protocols like FTP, and IMAP. It has a singular syntax, which makes it different from other programming languages like Java, C++, and C.

Python may be a popular high-level, open-source programming language with a good range of applications in automation, big data, Data Science, Data Analytics development of games and web applications. It is a versatile, powerful object-oriented and interpreted language. Python is taken into account to be a programming language with the very best number of job opportunities Researchers have named Python ‘the next big thing’ because it is being preferred by many young and experienced developers and may be a highly paid skill among all the programming languages in the IT space Pentagon Space offers a comprehensive Best Python Courses in Bangalore which will assist you master fundamentals, advanced theoretical concepts like writing scripts, sequence and file operations in Python while getting hands-on practical experience with the functional applications because the training is mixed with hands on assignments and live projects With Pentagon Space

  • Python Training in Bangalore provides you with concepts of Python programming language ranging from beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and our Python Training curriculum is considered to be the best in the industry
  • With Pentagon Space one can attend one limited number of classroom and instructor led-online sessions.
  • Life Access to recorded Python tutorials and recordings of the live instructor led online sessions
  • Faculty is our strength. All our Python trainers carry 10+ years industry rich experience, who have a passion for training and thought of to be the simplest within the industry
  • All the sessions are blended with hands-on Python course assignments to ensure that participants gain practical experience towards Python programming
  • you'll be market ready and be ready to crack interviews for Python programmer jobs after the Python training
  • Understand the essential concepts of Python programming like data types, Data Structures, tuples, lists, dicts, basic operators and functions, GUIs, Multi-threading, Exceptions, Regular Expressions, Networking, Lambda expressions and many more
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of Python concepts, Modules
  • Extensive coverage of Django Framework
  • Database Programming and connectivity to varied Data Sources
  • 25+ assignments and 10+ real life data projects to ensure hands on experience

  • web development (server-side)
  • analytics and data visualization
  • software development
  • mathematics & statistics
  • system scripting

  • Python is currently the most widely used multi-purpose, high-level programming language.
  • Python allows programming in object-oriented paradigms.
  • Python programs generally are smaller than other programming languages like Java. Programmers have to type relatively less and indentation requirement of the language, makes them readable all the time.
  • Python language is being used by top companies across all sectors such as Walmart, Google, Amazon, Tesla, etc.
  • The biggest strength of Python is huge collection of standard libraries which can be used for the following:
    • Machine Learning
    • GUI Applications (like Kivy, Tkinter, PyQt etc.)
    • Web frameworks like Django (used by YouTube, Instagram, Dropbox)
    • Image processing (like OpenCV, Pillow)
    • Web scraping (like Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, Selenium)
    • Test frameworks
    • Multimedia
    • Scientific computing
    • Text processing, and more

Pentagon Space offers python Training for beginners to advanced level, high quality self-paced e-learning videos to learn at your own pace and convenience. Python online course is recorded by seasoned Python trainers with extensive training experience and thought of to be the simplest within the industry. 25+ assignments and 10+ Python projects are going to be provided alongside the Python Tutorial videos to make sure hands-on experience. Participants can watch the Python tutorials on our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

The Python course is compatible for the participants in the least levels of experience, by creating a rise in demand for skilled data scientists. This course is best suited for

  • Python Developers and Software Engineers
  • Application Developers (Python, R)
  • Anyone wishing to learn Programming in Python
  • Python Developers - Web, JavaScript
  • Data Scientists and Lead Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Analytics Consultants
  • Data Consultants & Analysts
  • Technical Architects
  • Newbies and Beginners meaning to make a career in Data Science, Machine Learning, Programming
  • Machine Learning Engineers & AI Engineers
  • Software Programmers
  • Python Engineers

Pentagon Space helps individuals and organizations to empower by providing courses supported practical knowledge and theoretical concepts, by helping them advance their careers and make sustainable growth in their companies.

  • Faculty is our forte. All our Python trainers carry extensive experience, has passion for training and thought of to be the simplest within the industry
  • Placement assistance with Pentagon Space dedicated placement cell
  • Internship to work on real time projects
  • 25+ assignments and 10+ real life data projects to ensure hands-on Python programming experience
  • Individual attention and post training support
  • Doubt clarification sessions through WhatsApp
  • Access to WhatsApp community of Python students and school
  • LMS access with E-learning and recorded sessions
Pentagon Space provides this comprehensive course on Best Python Courses. This Python course will help you to learn Python programming language from scratch.